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C60 Ferric Tape.

Produced in 23 Limited Copies.

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  1. Cardinium


    Background/Info: This is an Iranian artist based in Teheran who I discovered on the compilation “Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music” released on Unexplained Sounds Group. The track “Dark City” was only available as a bonus track on the digital format of the sampler, but it was a cool discovery. “The Gate” appears to be the artist’s official debut album released by Eight Tower Records (subdivision from Unexplained Sounds Group).

    Content: This artist is clearly driven by dark-ambient influences, which are sometimes reminding me of the obscure sound universe of Lustmord. We’re entering an imaginary universe of fright and horror. The sound waves and multiple, little noises and resonating in a cellar atmosphere. Screams of horror are somewhere lost in the distance. Low tones are leading the visitor of this anguishing trip towards an unexpected apotheosis, which is the bonus track (cf. “Saint”).

    + + + : This album has something minimal-like, a bit intimate and definitely built up a clever way. Right when you start to think there’s no real apotheosis, the last track appears to be the ultimate cut from this horror ride. The work features all requested elements to create the perfect dark-ambient opus. It’s a perfect symbiosis of great sound atmospheres mixed with a truly sonic noise canvas accentuating the visual strength of the record. Both of the last cuts are leading the listener to a perfect climax of stupor.

    – – – : It’s just a little less regretting I’d to wait till the final tracks to get the expected climax. So you’ve to be patient till realizing the true potential of this album and the composer hiding behind.

    Conclusion: Reza Solatipour is a kind of Iranian Lustmord and that’s much more than simply a reference! It means this is an album you’ve to put your hand on!

    Best songs: “Saint”, “Arise”, “The Gate”, “Whispers In Gate”.

    Rate: (8).

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