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  1. SoftWatch (1990)

    This is a cassette of deep dark minimalism. It concentrates itself at the bass end of the spectrum & paints it’s abstract sketches in obsidian black. The sound booms out, creating an almost subsonic morass which bubbles menacingly in the background. This is certainly not music to dance to, nor does it demand you listen to it with your full attention, but instead it gives the impression it’s working on some subliminal level. Snatches of ‘found’ music, church organ & Gregorian Chants share with the primordial soup appearing, then fading whenever it suits them.
    My only two criticisms are that it is unfortunately rather ‘noisy’, and even the use of Dolby doesn’t eradicate all of it, and what possessed them to use a slice of that God-awful track from the “BLADE RUNNER” soundtrack on it?

    This is perhaps subtlety taken to an extreme.

    (This review was written some years before the term ‘Isolationism’ became known. This album, KÖNER-like, is one of it’s forerunners!)

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